ROS Research Hexapod Platform

The Hexapod is a six legged, ROS research platform featuring the Rasberry PI 4b and the DYNAMIXEL XL Series Smart Servos from Robotis. The MK-IV comes pre-assembled and tested and is fully supported in Ubuntu 20.04c / ROS Noetic (Ubuntu 18.04c and Melodic are also supported). The platform offers wifi, tethered connection and wireless via Bluetooth / Playstation 4 Control options. The MK-IV Hexapod has a payload capacity of roughly 5lb, walking speed of roughly 178mm/s (default gait) and an estimated run time on battery of 60 minutes.


● 3 Supported Walking Gaits

● Gazebo Simulation

● Python API

● Raspberry Pi 4B w/ 4g Ram

● PlayStation 4 Remote Control

● IRROS code structure